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cw2Civil War is upon us, and with the release of Marvels latest cinematic flick there have been several noteworthy moments. From Ant-Man’s gargantuan performance in the fight scene, to Black Panthers super sexy vibranium suit. But for me the most exciting aspect of the film has been the introduction of the new Spider-Man.

We only became aware relatively recently that Spider-Man was going to be included in the MCU as soon as May when he swung into some of the later trailers for the film. So as fans we have not had a great deal of time to speculate on what kind of role he would take in the conflict. The trailer showed pretty clearly that he was Team Iron Man, though anyone familiar with the classic comic book series would take this with some speculation.


Played by British actor Tom Holland our new Peter Parker has arrived, with a new Stark-Brand Spidey-suit. So how did he do? Well read on to see what I thought about, though if you have not had the chance to see Captain America: Civil War yet, then it may be worth going before you read on.

In my opinion, he did a pretty damn good job. Although his screen time was relatively short he made a pretty strong impression straight away. Our first glimpse of the webbed warrior is during a home visit from Mr Tony Stark, and straight away he is able to keep up with the quick wit and humour of Downey Jr’s character.

Not only does he nail the quirky humour that Parker is famous for, but he also demonstrates that he is more than capable of portraying the physical sides that this role requires. Anyone following Hollands social media will have seen that he has been doing some serious prep.

(If you don’t believe me check Tom’s Instagram here –

Although this is a Spider-Man in the early stages of using his powers he is still able to hold his own against the more experienced members of Cap’s team, at one point he stops a punch from the Winter Soldier with very little effort. As well as that, he manages to bring his famous quick wit to each fight scene, leading Falcon to question whether he had been in a fight before as there was ‘usually not this much talking’.

All in all, the team behind Civil War have done a great job at bringing a character that we all know and love back to the big screen without many issues.

But I have to ask, did they make the right choice? Do we really need to Parker going through high-school again? And is that something the fans really want?

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In my opinion we do not need another origin story for this character, and this film offered the perfect opportunity to show case some of the other incredible characters that use the name Spider-Man. Why could we not see Miles Morales for example. Not only does this guy have a completely different back ground to Peter Parker, but he is also an absolutely badass superhero in his own right. Or failing that, show me Peter Parker but as a grown up, a man with his own company and a PhD. Or why not select one of the many female characters that inhabit the spider-verse, Silk, Spider-Gwen, or Spider-Women.


It felt a little rush, the studio got the rights to bring Spider-Man into the MCU and they pumped it into the nearest film that they could. A little more patience and they could have done even more wondrous things with this opportunity.

This aside, Civil War is still a triumph and the performance of the other actors is still incredible. Brilliant fight scenes, a compelling story, and moments that will make you laugh out loud. And Tom Holland genuinely does do an outstanding job at playing a very popular character, and manages to find a suitable middle ground of Maguire’s serious take and Garfield’s too-cool-for-school approach. I am just not sure if they made the right choice by selecting this Spider-Man at this point of his life.

If you haven’t had the chance to see Captain America: Civil War yet, well get your life in order and get to the cinema now!


Author: Travis ‘T-Bone’ Eyles

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