images (2)There are many big names in the comic book universe, from Frank Miller to Dan Slott, but there are none more famous than the legendary Stan Lee. A man who is popular not only our own community, but also in the wider world, and as comic books and the films surrounding them become ever more popular he has quickly become a household name.

So in order to celebrate the marvel that is Stan Lee I have listed below 5 reasons on why I believe that Stan really is the man.

#1 His writing

Naturally one of the main reasons that Stan is the Man is because of his creative imagination and writing prowess. He gave us The X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man, and although he has had the help of amazing artists like Steve Ditko, the ideas originated from his brilliant mind. These characters have impacted several generations since their release, and their appearance in recent cinematic portrayals has only continued to prove that these creations will always be popular.

#2 Creative Control

Over his lengthy career Stan Lee has shared his collaborated with many different entities, from artists, producers, and even movie directors. As a result, one of his best qualities is his ability to give creative control to other people. Perhaps the best example of this is through the MCU, where time and time again we have seen directors like Anthony and Joe Russo, or James Gunn, take extremely popular characters and make even more popular move portrayals. If Stan had been over protective of his creations, we may never have had experienced the wonders of films like Guardians of the Galaxy (aka the best ever film of all time ever).#3 Technological Appreciation

Although Stan the man is now 93, he still has a real appreciation for technology, and his age has not hindered his ability to operate successful within the 21st century. By not shying away from technology he has shown that he is able to have a positive impact on the comic book world as much in the modern day as he did in the early stages of comic book lore. This has been essential considering that there are now multiple platforms for Marvel’s stories to be released

#4 Marketing Aficionado

Stan Lee understands the value of marketing and advertising, and he has often said in interviews that if he had not written comics he would have pursued a career in this direction. His application of this whilst editor of Marvel comics helped give an edge over their competitors, which essentially comes down to the fact that Stan understands his audience. This is not an easy accomplishment considering that the comic book audience has exploded and expanded over the last decade, and his application of this understanding has been a real driving force to Marvel’s success.

#5 A Man of the World

The society of today is not the same society that Stan the Man grew up in, and we often forgive our elders for a little racist comment here or there, but we have never had to do this for Mr Lee – as far as I am aware. One of my favourite things about Marvel comics is that not all of their heroes are white men, and there is diversity amongst the leading characters. This diversity is not just present across the large entity of Marvel however. Stan’s side project POW Entertainment has a very diverse group of main characters, which really shows just how much Stan understands and respects his audience.

So there you go, five of the many reasons on why I believe that Stan the Man is a superhero to the comic book world, and if you agree, or disagree, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this post.








Author: Travis ‘T-Bone’ Eyles

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