What do we want to see from the MCU?

It’s fair to say that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been absolutely smashing its films at the moment. And it’s not just the MCU that have been doing this, with the success of Deadpool and the recent X-Men films showing that other studios are also doing a great job of bringing our favourite heroes to life, we will not discuss Fantastic Four, do not mention Fantastic Four.


So what more can they do? What else do we want to see?


There is a vast amount of story lines are characters in the multiverse that could be brought to life, and although some concepts are more likely to happen than others, I think it’s fair to say that it’s a pretty exciting time to be a Marvel fan. So below I have listed my top 6 wishes of what I would like to see.


Wish No.1: The Secret Invasion


mcu2What I personally would most love to see, would be a storyline that follows the Secret Invasion series, in which the crafty copycats known as Skrulls launch a covert invasion of Earth by replacing its mightiest heroes with exact replicas. This series not only provided a storyline with badass action, but it also has a tense theme running throughout that could easily be compared to the great spy novels.


I think this story could easily be accomplished in the near future, with new characters being introduced in each film I think it is extremely likely that we could see a scaled down version of this not far off, much as they have done with Civil War which is far larger event in the comics.



Wish No.2: The Iron Spider


mcu3I would also love to see the Iron Spider-Man suit, gifted to Parker by Tony Stark during the comic book version of Civil War. Although the storyline would not match with the books, it would still be very cool to see the friendly neighbourhood spider-man in one of his most iconic suits.






Wish No.3: Miles Morales, A.K.A The Ultimate Spider-Man

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And on the topic of Spider-Man, when are we going to see this character properly refreshed, with characters like Miles Morales taking centre stage. We are definitely at a point in time where a character with Miles’ background would be hugely welcome by many demographics.





Wish No.4: The Scarlet Witch Incident



We’ve also already seen how powerful Scarlet Witch is in the films, and in the latest movie she deals with Vision pretty easily by burying him a thousand feet below the ground. So why don’t we see a story that follows similar lines to the M-Day storyline, where she becomes so powerful that she nearly stops mutant kind from even existing. This however is unlikely to happen exactly how it is in the comics, with different companies owning the rights to different essential characters. However, we could certainly see something similar in the MCU.


Wish No.5: Black Widows Origin


mcu5My final wish, which I hope will be granted be sheer demand from my fellow fans, is that Black Widow gets her own origin movie. Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of this character has been brilliant in my opinion, and I think it would be great to have a film with a strong female lead. And although Hawkeye can be the joke of the Avengers team, he is still my favourite, and if he were to be included in this mix it would certainly add a level of humour and fun to Widow’s pretty dark past.


My only worry with this is that it would be very easy for them to get this film wrong, the last thing I would want to see is Natasha caught up in some cheesy love story. She’s a terrifying warrior, and incredibly intelligent and engaging individual. I would love to see a film that sees her and Barton on a crazy mission in some exotic location fighting some formidable opponent.


So that concludes my list of what I would like to see from the MCU, or any other cinematic world for that matter, and I hope the gods of comic book films are hearing me and will grant me at least one of these wishes.


What do you think? Tell us what you would like to see happen!


Author – Travis ‘T-Bone’ Eyles

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